About us

Symbiona is group of companies operating in Europe and Asia. We work for industries and municipalities to help them gain Return from their Investment in wastewater treatment, water reuse, anaerobic digestion and biogas treatment solutions.

With our customer attitude, Symbiona is recognized as a flexible, fast, innovative solutions provider for biogas, water, wastewater and water recycling. Symbiona is customer oriented and working through long-term relationships.

Our team, with deep expertise, has the knowledge and experience, of over 120 projects for industry and municipalities, done both in simple or state-of-the art technologies. Symbiona own solutions turns issues into Clients financial success. We define it as Return On Innovation Investment. That’s why we call them PositiveInnovations™.



To become the leading global industrial solutions provider for wastewater treatment and water reuse.



To provide Return on Innovations in biogas, wastewater treatment and reuse solutions by deploying our technologies by skilled, reliable multinational team.



  • ‚Leading Polish Green Innvoation’ for ROVAPO® ZLD and AnoxyBed™ anaerobic reactors, recognized by Ministry of Environment in Greenevo governmental programme.
  • DIGEFLO® received 2016 Main Prize of UK AD&Bio resources Association for innovation in wastewater treatment through anaerobic digestion.

We specialize in complex wastewater treatment applications by immerse analysis, pilot trials and design and build of full-scale systems/technologies. Our core competences covers anaerobic and membrane technologies, including:

membrane bioreactors as a replacement of conventional secondary clarifiers (tertiary treatment), or in membrane systems systems for up- and down-streams.

anaerobic bioreactors for wastewater treatment including anaerobic membrane bioreactors and EGSB /AnoxyBed™ technologies and anaerobic digestion of sludge and organic waste including thermal hydrolysis plants (DigeTherm™).

biogas treatment including biological and membrane separation and biogas drying