Effective COD removal for juice factory by AnoxyBed™ anaerobic reactor

About 3000Nm3/d with full wastewater treatment on limited space.

The Task

The End User – large apple juice concentrate producer located in proximity to Warsaw, Poland, needed compact and reliable wastewater treatment plant for his growing factory.
His key issues were relative high TSS and high COD. In spite of limited available area, is was needed easy capacity expansion. A new anaerobic-aerobic wastewater treatment plant was designed and built using AnoxyBed™ technology by to assure stable production and to decrease operational costs for energy without TSS pretreatment.

Production plant chosen AnoxyBed™ anaerobic reactor technology with expected Return on Innovation™ in ca. 3 years comparing to classical aerobic treatment.

The Innovation

It was designed and build a complete anaerobic – aerobic treatment process with two AnoxyBed™-D reactors followed by two stage MBBR and our proprietary Effisep™ MBBR settlers. Aiming into full flexibility of operations two reactors were build, each for 500m3/d of flow capacity. They were also built in standard dimension juice production tanks allowing further expansion or relocation. The plant’s capacity is 1000 m3/day from with over 3000 Nm3 of biogas produced per day. Plant is treating wastewater from over ca. 7000mg/l COD to „CLASS A” effluent (COD<100mg/l).



  • - AnoxyBed™ tower anaerobic reactor
  • - Two step MBBR for COD removal
  • - Effisep™ patented MBBR settler
  • - Screening and buffering
  • - Biogas handling


  • Flow:Q=1000m3/d
  • Load 8000kgCOD/d
  • Biogas >3000Nm3/d
  • Biogas quality > 75% CH4