Another anaerobic implementation in the juice sector

The breakthrough DIGEFLO® technology is at work in another implementation, this time for a manufacturer in the juice sector. The implementation, which was completed in the second half of 2023, is another expansion of one of the oldest sewage treatment plants implemented by our team.

The production plant located near Warsaw had a wastewater treatment installation from the early 1990s. That system was too small to fully treat the predicted company’s production volume after an enlargement.

As part of the expansion of the system, Symbiona designed and built a modern system using own DIGEFLO®  – an anaerobic solution based on flocculent sludge. This innovative technology does not require complicated stages of pre-treatment, ensuring the highest biogas yield as it treats the full stream of wastewater, including those with a high level of suspended solids. Thus, it also allows for low operating costs – the lack of pre-treatment stage before the anaerobic reactor means savings related to limited consumption of reagents and energy. After the anaerobic stage, the sewage is aerobically treated using a combination of FloatChipMBBR and AeroMem™-MBR systems. Thanks to the use of a membrane bioreactor, sewage can be discharged into the environment, meeting the highest standards. This installation is consistent with the principles of sustainable development and complies with the circular economy assumptions.