AnoxyBed™-EGSB in implementation in the juice sector.

Highly loaded EGSB tower reactors for wastewater treatment and biogas production have been successfully used in the juice industry for many years. Using them was also the technological wish of our client from Poland. Symbiona has completed a “design and build” contract for a solution whose heart is the AnoxyBed-EGSB™ tower reactor. This is our next implementation in the juice and fruit processing sector. The installation with a flow of 2,000 m3/d treats sewage with a load corresponding to a city with 144,000 inhabitants. AnoxyBed™-EGSB allows to purify wastewater while obtaining valuable biogas, which can be used for the plant’s own purposes or to maintain the purification processes. A special two-phase separator ensures process safety by eliminating the risk of sludge escape. Further aerobic treatment of sewage allows the process to be completed safely.