DIGEFLO® for an ice cream manufacturer. It’s always time for…DIGEFLO®!

Symbiona adds another treatment plant to its wide portfolio of projects in a dairy sector – this time for ice cream manufacturer. The anaerobic-aerobic treatment plant with discharge to the river purifies a stream of sewage and ice mass of 1000 m3/d. The stream has high levels of fats, suspended solids and COD. The anaerobic stage was executed in our own DIGEFLO® anaerobic digestion reactor technology, which allows for a significant reduction in operating costs by eliminating pre-treatment. In DIGEFLO®, the entire organic suspension is subjected to anaerobic treatment and converted into biogas – hence the extremely high yield of this raw material. The energy obtained at the cogeneration stage allows the customer to maintain purification processes and use own energy for factory purposes. The aerobic stage of the sewage treatment plant is an AeroMem®-MBR membrane bioreactor, which stops bacteria and some viruses and means that the treated sewage can be safely released into the environment.
The project meets the assumptions of the circular economy, and the combination of technologies allows achieving sustainable development goals.