Dissolved air flotation and clarifier systems

Separation of fats, particles and sludges.

SYMBIONA’s basic separation technology is divided into four segments:

  • flotation units, designed in The Netherlands, for industrial effluents;
  • EFFISEP™ high rate lamella settlers;
  • Clarifiers;
  • Water clarification and flotation.

All of them can be steered with advanced PLC for automatic re-circulation and chemicals dosing optimization.


Flotation units for TSS and FOG removal – SWL & SWF

Compact units for fat and TSS removal. Can be delivered as stainless steel units, as well as concrete builds for high flows.
Designed in The Netherlands for top quality. Flotation unit for activated sludge – FBR:
Designed for aerobic activated sludge. Used in flotation aerobic reactors or in sludge thickening/recovery.


Patent pending, high rate clarifiers for activated sludge: especially for efficient clarification of anaerobic slurries or MBBR sludge with low viscosity and specific gravity.

Water filtration units – WFL and QUICKSEP™ separators

High speed systems for surface water treatment, both for industrial and municipal use.
Typically delivered as stainless steel or concrete build for high flows.