Repowering UASB in sugar industry

Repowering to UAC-Contact anaerobic reactor brings new live to non working UASB system.

The Task

The sugar producer was a classic example of a client who owned a non-working anaerobic solution. Bad contract’ execution and internal plant’ errors had led to the internal destruction of a plant, that was supposed to produce energy from wastewater for a big production facility in the northern Poland. The sludge was escaping from the reactor and every start-up was very time-consuming and caused also delays in plant’ functioning. The hourly flow to the treatment unit was 80m3/h.

Client was in a need of a stable and working solution. The costs of discharge and wastewater disposal were too high for its budget.


The Innovation

SYMBIONA’s experts had proposed a renovation and retrofitting of an existing reactor. The Upflow Anaerobic Contact system (UAC) has fitted well into existing reactors.

UAC is an anaerobic solution especially fitted for the wastewater with no granulation. Instead of an agitation mechanism, its influent distribution system allows for the full and thorough treatment of a wastewater that demands a longer retention time.

Furthermore, our experts proposed using the existing pond facility as an surplus wastewater pond. They decided there was no need in proposing an additional tank, as the company disposed of a one already.  This had had also a positive result on the price and breakeven point. Execution works lasted few months.


The result

The COD reduction is now up to over 90% and these parameters are stable with high organic loading rate and flow of 2000m3/d. As a result the end-user has substantially reduced its operation costs and reused existing facilities into working high rate system. Treated wastewater is discharged into a sewerage system; biogas is used in the heating boiler of factory.




  • EFFISEP™ separators
  • Biogas handling


  • Flow : Q=2000m3/d or 85m3/h.
  • Load: 13000kg/d