Thermal hydrolysis (DIGETHERM™) of waste activated sludge

Thermophilic digestion of mixed sludge


The municipality of Morąg, while planning the expansion of the sewage treatment system, was to choose the sludge treatment technology. What was needed was  easy to use and meant an effective treatment process guaranteeing minimum impact on the environment. In addition, the sludge treatment system was required to warrant pasteurization of sewage sludge. In 2011 a thermal hydrolysis system and then a thermophilic digester were designed. In 2014 a tender was issued along with a restoration of the whole wastewater treatment plant to increase its capacity to over 5000m3/d.



Our technology of thermal hydrolysis technology, DigeTherm™, was chosen and supplied along with additional equipment. Our scope of supply included all process equipment such as drum thickeners,  AnoxyMix™ digester of 1300m3, biogas treatment and drying. It also included the DigeTherm™ automation and detailed engineering, commissioning and start-up. The plant was launched in June 2015 and since then has been working in accordance with forecasts . It uses up to 150m3/d of waste activated sludge and some collected industrial waste such as ethanol stillage, slaughterhouse flotation sludge or dairy whey. The waste activated sludge contains quite a lot of organic materials due to dairy plant nearby discharging into the wastewater treatment plant. Biogas is used in boilers and cogeneration engine (CHP).

Additional services covered by our team were basic and detailed engineering for whole WWTP renovation and technological supervision on WWTP start-up.

Technologies and services

  • - Proprietary DIgeTherm™ thermal hydrolysis
  • - Thermophilic digester AnoxyMix™-T
  • - Biogas storing, drying and handling
  • - Detailed engineering of whole WWTP
  • - Commissioning and startup with sludge delivery


  • Load:3000kgDS/d