ROVAPO®-ZLD for an international screw manufacturer.

One of the goals of the EU Green Deal is a water-saving economy. Reasonable management of this resource includes, among other things, the use of solutions that allow closing water cycles. The international manufacturer of highly specialized screws for the automotive sector, whose goal was to reduce water consumption in production processes as much as possible, desired to apply a circular-economy solution. SYMBIONA, in cooperation with the client, proposed the “zero liquid discharge” technology – ROVAPO® – ZLD, which allows for full recovery of water from galvanic wastewater in the quality of super-pure water. Such highly treated stream can be immediately reused in production, as its conductivity is superlow. Specially selected membrane and evaporative systems allow for the highest process efficiency. This solution has been used by the Symbiony team for many years – in electroplating applications. Thanks to ROVAPO®-ZLD, manufacturers meet the assumptions of ESG reporting, while reducing the plant’s operating costs.