About us

Symbiona is recognized as a flexible, fast and innovative provider of wastewater treatment technology, water recycling technology and organic waste(water) fermentation (to biogas and bioenergy). We provide best-in-class solutions that generate profit, provide security and help our clients quickly transition to the netzero economy.

We deliver innovative technologies, engineering and consulting services in EPT, EPC and DBFOM project execution models as well as O&M site services.
Our portfolio of (waste)water solutions is based on the team knowledge and nearly 30 years of company experience.

Our expertise

Over 25 years of experience in membrane processes including:

– wide expertise in MBR (membrane bioreactors) form industry and municipalities

– own anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology

– direct filtration (UF/NF) and product recovery

– water reuse and desalination wth awarded ROVAPO™ technology

-Large particles separation: screeens

– Fine particles and fats removal – flotation units (DAF)

– Fats recovery by DAF systems

– Coagullation and flocullation

– Gravity separators – patented Effisep for high solids and MBBR sludge

Technologies that makes produce during wastewater treatment  as well as post-treatment:

– High-rate granular sludge EGSB / ER reactors

– Game-changing DIGEFLO® anaerobic flotation technology

– AnoxyMem® anaerobic MBR technology for highest COD reduction and biogas yield

– Aerobic membrane bioreactors

– Aerobic moving bed technologies (MBBR/IFAS)  


Technologies that reduce discharge cost and are useful for reuse water for production 

– Efficient membrane solutions

– Highly effective ROVAPO® water recovery process

– UF/NF/RO systems 

– EVAPO™ low temperature vaacum evaporators

Innovatiive biogas plants:

 AnoxyMem® anaerobic MBR technology for highest COD reduction and highest biogas yield

– Mesophilic & Thermophilic anerobic digestion of sludge and substrates

– Digestate tratment

– N / P /K recovery plants 

Decentralised and centralised wastewater treatment plants including 

Membrane Bioreactors and classical activted sludge 

MBBR/IFAS and nutrients recovery

Sludge handling with AnoxyMem® anaerobic memrbane bioreacotor technology.

– Seawater desalination.

Your waste(water) as an asset


You can turn wastewater treatment plant into own green energy or clean water source with additional benefits (nutrients recovery, CO2 recovery)

Safe and robust

Each project is backed by guarantees of operational stability even with fluctuating composition of the incoming wastewater or substrates.



Symbiona technologies are checked by independent experts and recognised in the industry.