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A new industrial-municpal plant provides green energy and clean effluent.

In September 2021, this wastewater treatment plant for municipality of Chorzele has been officially handed over. The plant treats municipal and industrial sewage (partialy on separate line) in efficient chemical-chemical-biological system build by SYMBIONA. Nearly 3000m3/d of wastewater, with half of influent coming from dairy and other industries, is efficiently treated to Class-A effluent with…

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A great step. New membrane bioreactor in foothill area.

In Marchu 2021 SYMBIONA finished an landmark project for Nieplomice community in lesser Poland. This municipal wastewater plant , designed to handle 2400m3/d municipal sewage (max flow of 227m3/h or >5000m3/d) is providing patogen free wastewater for this foothil comunity. Plant build in pandemic conditions, provides excellent effuelnt quality which is discharged to local river.

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Pandemic don’t stop operations. New prefab plant for industry.

In October 2020 Symbiona delivered containerised wastewater treatment plant for a multinational company from food production sector. Client, who apporached us few months earlier, needed quick solution to handle nearly 2500m3/d of condensed wastewater. Delivery consisted prefabricated pretreatment, pH regulation with OptiDose, flotation and dewatering. All to meet discharge requirements to sewer. This is one…

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