AnoxyMem® – anaerobic MBR

Up to 99% COD removal in methane fermentation

Industrial wastewater from bio-ethanol industry or distilleries may be particularly hard to treat. However, when processed anaerobically, it may become a source of natural energy and could lower OPEX of the production plant. As we are aware of the importance of green savings and clean water, SYMBIONA designed AnoxyMem®, an anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor. This solution is especially oriented towards these producers whose wastewater contains high COD level (even up to 300.00 mg/l).

AnoxyMem® combines features of an anaerobic CSTR reactor with the benefits of membrane separation. The semi-permeable, specially designed barriers, separate the permeate from the retentate, returning the latter to the reactor. The range of wastewater that may be treated by AnoxyMem reaches from 60.000 mg/l to 300.000 mg/l. up to 98% of the COD removal on a single anaerobic step.

Referenced in industrial effluents and mixes of slurries AnoxyMem® may increase your ROI with minimal area required.


How it works?

Raw sewage is directed to the equalisation tank. Then,  it is pumped into the fermenter. Either mesophilic bacteria or thermophilic ones living in the tank break down organic called pollutants. This biological process produces biogas and clean water.

Active anaerobic sludge circulates through the AnoxyMem® membrane separation system. There the sludge (the retentate) is fully separated from the treated stillage (the permeate). The retentate is directed back to the anaerobic reactor and the permeate is directed to the filtrate tank. The high purity level of the permeate enables it to be reused for production purposes, discharged into the sewage system or directed (optionally) to a small aerobic part, and then discharged into a river. The stillage formed in this process can be used as well to clean membranes (CIP installation).

The membranes of the AnoxyMem® system are situated in groups outside the anaerobic reactor. This helps the technological system to carry on without stopping the methane fermentation process.


The operation of the AnoxyMem® system is controlled by an independent control system which warrants high flexibility regardless of the input conditions. Its aim is to optimise the consumption of energy and chemicals in the methane fermentation and membrane separation processes.



  • Very clean effluent – no risk of additional costs..
  • Easy nutrients’ recovery
  • Very high biogas yield – even to 20% more than classical systems
  • Smaller/no aerobic post-treatment


  • anaerobic MBR technology delivery for 47600kgCOD/d bioethanol effluents
  • turnkey AnoxyMem® plant in dairy industry for 12000kgCOD/d