Membrane filtration and TSS removal

Water recovery and salts removal

Solid particles suspended in water should be removed prior to wastewater treatment and reuse as well as before the drinking water treatment. In many industries, effluents from production lines contain solids that must be separated before any sewage treatment system. On the other hand, the same techniques may be used for fresh water preparation for municipal purposes.


SYMBIONA offers technologies for such applications as:

  • Drinking water preparation
  • Process water
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical wastewater
  • Cooling water

We use the following systems:

UFFLO – ultrafiltration systems

Particle separation systems from aqueous streams, where membrane pore size is a selector for particles.
Various types of membranes (polymer or ceramic) are used depending on application.

QUICKSEP™ separators

High speed systems for surface water treatment, both for industrial and municipal use.
Typically delivered as stainless steel or concrete build for high flows.

QUICKSAND™ – continuous, self-cleaning sandfilter,

Used for clarifiers effluents polishing of or drinking water preparation.


AeroMem™ – aerobic membrane bio-reactors

AnoxyMem® – anaerobic membrane bio-reactors