Wastewater treatment and reuse

Water recovery and salts removal

The cost of fresh water preparation is becoming more expensive, as well as the costs of wastewater discharge. Wastewater treatment and reuse systems, such as  ROVAPO® ZLD, are responding to the above-mentioned issues. SYMBIONA has a number of technologies referenced in food & beverage, electroplating, aviation and high-tech electronics, where the reused water meets very strict criteria.

ROVAPO® Zero Liquid Discharge

Offering up to 98% of water recovery from industrial effluents, our proprietary technology has a proven track of references.

It is a perfect match of our knowledge in membrane systems with thermal concentration. In 2010, ROVAPO® was awarded by the Polish government as a leading mature green technology.


Using elements of proven ROVAPO® system, this set-up is allowing food&beverage industry to recover fresh water directly from their mid COD concentration wastewater (such as evaporator condensates from bioethanol or juice factories) for process water.

REVOS™ reverse osmosis systems

For process water preparation as well as desalination of municipal MBR effluents.

EVAPO™ vacuum evaporators

These energy efficient devices (also with heat pump technology) are used for concentration of salty brine over 20.000mg/l.

Their construction allows to work with very high concentrations – up to 35% DS on inlet (in concentration mode).