Anaerobic biological systems

Converting wastewaters (and organic waste substrates) into power

Wastewater can be a valuable source of energy when treated in methane fermentation reactors. Here, bacteria convert organic compounds (COD, BOD5) to energy without the presence of oxygen. During the treatment process, valuable biogas, consisting mainly of methane (CH4) and some carbon dioxide (CO2), is produced. It can be used as green fuel for steam production, power generation or directly in production processes. The use of biogas obtained from municipal sludge and wastewater as well as organic waste has been gaining interest from scientists, industry and municipalities, since renewable energy sources are favoured to limit global warming.

SYMBIONA reactors have been installed in many industries and applications: Food, Drinks, Milk, Pulp and Paper, Beer, Distilleries and Chemical Industry.

Depending on your needs and the production profile, we offer various systems. Starting from the most advanced anaerobic membrane bioreactors  AnoxyMem®, through DIGEFLO™ biogas flotation to upflow/downflow high-rate anaerobic reactors AnoxyBed™ based on granular sludge or carriers; all of these systems ensure cost reduction or independence from external energy sources and bring a quick return on the investment. For municipal sludge digestion we offer the  DIGETHERM™ thermal hydrolysis coupled process.


Top of the top, with to 99% of COD removal, own proprietary anaerobic reactor combining the best from two worlds – flocculent sludge and membrane technology as separator. Best for very high COD effluents (up to over 200.000mg/l) containing a lot of TSS, up to over 50.000mg/l. Suitable also for the treatment of mixes of wastewater and slurries or organic factory waste (i.e. flotation sludge, chocolate scrap).


High-rate methane fermentation reactors AnoxyBed™ combine high COD removal performance with minimal footprint. Symbiona AnoxyBed™-EGSB/UASB/DAG anaerobic systems have been proven robust and flexible for industrial effluents. Depending on TSS levels and temperatures, we propose either AnoxyBed™-EGSB (Expanded Granular Sludge Bed) reactors with high capacity settlers or our AnoxyBed™-DAG (downflow attached growth) anaerobic carrier system. AnoxyBed™-D is used especialy for repowering existing aerobic plants into anaerobic ones. We also offer services of renovation of existing plants in EGSB, UASB, IC technologies.


Family of mid-load reactors especially tailored for medium food production plants (bakery, milk, meat, wine). For mid-range of COD (to 50.000mg/l) rich in fats and TSS. Thanks to our efficient separator, up to 95% of reduction is achievable on a special Dissolved Biogas Separator.


Slurries or sludges that contains lot of celluloses (such as municipal sludge, agricultural substrates) can be pre-treated in thermal hydrolysis devices (low or high temperature) and then digested in mesophilic or thermophilic reactors.